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Chicken Inasal !

This is my version of Ayam Gorek, (Grilled Chicken with coconut cream), a Malaysian favorite on fasting month and weddings. During Ramadan, hundreds of chickens are roasted over charcoal fire along the streets -the smell, sight and hearing the moisture … Continue reading

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Bloody Stew…

Dinuguan (Pork blood stew) comes from the word dugo, or blood. This authentic Filipino dish is so named because the sauce is made with freshly slaughtered pig’s blood. Traditionally cooked using a mixture of pork belly meat and pork entrails. Dinuguan … Continue reading

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Pusit Diablo

This is no doubt –a Southern Tagalog Adobo dish.  I am sharing with you a version of adobong pusit  I learned from my mom-  Pusit Diablo — Coconut milk is added making a creamy sour sauce. A dish with gata … Continue reading

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