Laguna Mole

What can be wrong with a good old slice of liempo cooked over charcoal with nothing more than a dash of salt and served with vinegar and garlic? Or a traditional and honest Filipino stew made with nothing more than a few cuts of meat, some root vegetables and left to simmer for a whole day until all the robust tastes mingle and the meat melts in your mouth? Absolutely nothing is wrong !

Remember how “fusion” rocked our foodie minds in the early 2000s with those fancy cooking integrals and marriages of flavors? The buzzwords were “new” and “experimental”. Food was cooked for a different eating experience. It was all very fun and cutting-edge when it was new then.. but fusion cuisine appears to have lost its “fussion-ness”

Right now, chefs are trying to go back to working with natural ingredients, in line with culinary culture and culinary tradition thrown in. I think chefs and foodies are getting tired of constantly  having to be innovative and coming up with newer and more bizarre ways of combining ingredients and ways of cooking– and patrons are getting jaded, too !

The other day, I was attempting to make another contrived creation– to make adobo dumplings! But then, realized I was craving for some good old-fashioned, simple and honest food again–food prepared and cooked in a traditional way..very  much a part of my life !

I am sharing another favorite food memory from my home town (Santa Cruz, Laguna) and it’s Chicken Mole ! This is far from the Mexican Mole. My version is known as the Laguna Mole which is simply what you can classify as a Kare-Kare.

What’s the difference? We use chicken instead of red meat or ox tail and did I mention that, it is a popular merienda dish ?

Chicken Mole   


1 Chicken (whole, adobo cut)
2 pcs Red Onion
1 c Pulvorised Malagkit (Sticky rice)
1 c Atsuete Oil
50 g Minced Garlic
6 c Stock or Water
250 g Roasted Ground Peanuts
1 Whole peeled banana hearts, sliced
Patis (Fish Sauce) and Pepper to tasteProcedure

Saute red onions and garlic. Add Chicken and Stock/Water

Stir in malagkit rice, atsuete and ground nuts. Bring to boil then simmer until thick.

Add banana hearts. Season with Patis and Pepper.

Simmer until banana hearts are cooked

Food Notes :

1. Best eaten with “puting puto”

2. You will not be con”fusion”-ed as to how delicious this is …

3. Recipe published , Cook Magazine May 2011 issue


About Chef Day

My Passion : Cook, Eat and Celebrate Life !
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2 Responses to Laguna Mole

  1. This recipe is great ! Must try! Thanks for sharing. It looks like this will be a big hit at the dinner table!

  2. Xenia mari Delgado says:

    Oh my! Chef! I didn’t know this dish was called like that! Dad used to cook that too.. Yum yum!!! =)

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