Salted Egg Hunt

Salted Egg, Itlog na Pula, Itlog na Maalat – whichever name you prefer– It is definitely one of the favorite side dishes in the Philippine table. In our home, “itlog na maalat” is served with chopped tomatoes for breakfast and “mangang hilaw” or grilled eggplant for lunch or dinner.

There are few ways of making this salty egg. The most common (In Pateros and Victoria, Laguna) is soaking in clay. But there’s also another way — Why not Celebrate Easter by making your own “Itlog na Pula” at home ?

Homemade Salted Egg 

What you need….

6 c               Water
12 c             Salt
12 pcs         Fresh Duck Eggs (you may use chicken eggs too !)
Glass Jar or Zip Lock

What to do…

Boil Water and Salt. Let it cool.

Carefully place the eggs in a glass jar. Pour the water-salt solution. Make sure that the eggs are submerged. Cover the jar seal Zip lock and keep in cool and dry place for 20-25 days.

On the 26th day, transfer the salty water and eggs in a pot and boil for 10 minutes. Submerge in cold water to stop cooking.

For an authentic “Itlog na Pula”, dry and submerge boiled salted eggs in red dye

Food Notes :

1. China has nearly a thousand year history of salted egg making. And it is believed that Chinese traders brought the curing technology of making salted eggs in Philippines.

2.Salted egg is a preserved food mainly made of fresh duck eggs, containing rich nutrients such as fat, protein, various amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, various trace elements and vitamins that are needed by human body.

3. Salted Eggs are not only for side dishes- it can be used as a garnish to ensaymada and other local kakanin. The distinct salty taste adds a different flavor to a dish.


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13 Responses to Salted Egg Hunt

  1. Xenia mari Delgado says:

    I will definitely try this, Chef!! Thanks! More more recipes please! I’m turning my Polish Man into a Filipino! 😉

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try it.

  3. And wow this is how to make those salted eggs? I would never have thought. Hmmm i want kamatis please…
    Happy Easter Chef!

  4. Ooh, I never thought of making my own itlog na maalat before- will have to try this sometime!

  5. Annie says:

    Great post! Need a longanisa recipe to go with this!

  6. Jun Belen says:

    Thank you for sharing! Will make this soon before tomato season starts.

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  8. Diosdado Larano says:

    It is not the best way of making “itlog na maalat.” It is only the easiest way.

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